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Abiding by Australian Standards

You can rest assured that our insulation products are built for safety and functionality of your industry. For all manufacturing and fabrication projects, we follow Australian Standard 1366, Part 3 – 1992 for physical properties of rigid cellular polystyrene.

Why Use Polyurethane Foam?

One of the keys to proper wine containment is the use of fine, long-lasting materials. Our company is proud to offer Austhane BF 60 rigid polyurethane foam, a general purpose, flame-retardant and cellular product. This top-quality material has been tested to determine its superior qualities in the face of ignitability, flame propagation, heat release and smoke release.

Repair and Maintenance Service

Every industry may undergo normal wear and tear and unforeseen on-site damage to insulation and cladding. After years of repairing and maintaining wineries Australia-wide, we have the expertise to maximise the longevity of your products. That way, your insulation, tanks and other equipment can protect your business for years to come.

Reliable Tanks

At Australian Tank Insulation (ATI) Pty Ltd, we offer a variety of tanks and vessels that showcase superior craftsmanship. Simply tell us your specific requirements and we’ll make sure you receive a customised solution.

Durable Pipes

All of our equipment, including brine lines, refrigeration units, insulation, sheet metal fabrication and pipes utilise advanced insulation to keep your product fresh and protected from unintended exposure. If you’re interested in our durable products, we can help you find the perfect item within your budget.

Invest in the Finest Products

There’s a reason why wineries across Australia demand our products and services. Find out how you can make a worthwhile investment by calling us today.
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